How to Track Your Tax Refund

If you have filed your federal tax return and are due a refund, you’re probably pretty eager to get your hands on the money you are owed. If you’re wondering when your refund will arrive, the IRS has an online tool called “Where’s My Refund?” that you can access on their website at The status of your refund should be available within 24 hours of receiving notification that the IRS has recevied your e-filed return.

To use the tool, you will need your:

  • Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification number
  • Filing status
  • Exact amount of the refund claimed on your tax return

The tool shows three statuses:

  • Return received
  • Refund approved
  • Refund sent

When the status changes to “refund approved,” the IRS is preparing to send the refund, either as a direct deposit to your bank account or directly to you by check in the mail to the address on your tax return.

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